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Connecting the dots between diverse sources of data can be complex and time consuming, even with access to data science expertise. Dystematic presents users with transparent, actionable insights and best-in-class content, taking on the heavy lifting of analysing and synthesising fragmented data so they can focus on what matters.

the power of insights


We believe the value of insights grows exponentially when extracted from connected data. To help the Institutional Market harness the power of multi-source insights, our solutions combine:

  • Insights, Not Just Data
  • Transparent Analytics
  • Connected Best-In-Class Content
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Why Dystematic

insights, Not just data

TRINITY empowers you to extract insights from disparate data. By combining financial markets expertise with analytics developed by Dystematic Labs, our intuitive dashboards ensure you can focus on the drivers that matter to you.

Best-in-class CONTENT

TRINITY comes pre-loaded with best-in-class content from leading data providers. You can
also make your own by enriching it with your data and analytics.

Flows • Sentiment • Trade • Fundamentals •
Technicals • Risk & ESG

Micro and macro

Seamlessly explore markets through a Micro and Macro lens.
Gain insights on:

Companies •  Countries
Equities • FX • Commodities • FI • Crypto

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TRINITY condenses best-in-class content into key insights about a Company, Country or Asset Class helping you see what matters and find answers

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D3 (DYNAMIC DATA DISCOVERY) makes finding value-add datasets easy by helping you understand their structure, see where value lies and how to extract it without needing access to the data

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RDK (RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT KIT) is an end-to-end python kit for quantitative research and visualisation that lets you extend Trinity & D3 with your proprietary data & analytics

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